About us


Our mission

Manufacturing of high-quality groundbreaking solutions for underground situations.

From Romania to all over the world, the company’s injected fittings constitute a core improvement for the well-functioning of sewerage systems as well as water supply and gas transportation services.


We contribute in an active and innovative manner to the everyday functions that people rely on.

Our vision

As long as our population lives on Earth, we want to be the most reliable solution provider for each underground situation created worldwide.

Even though the water and gas transportation options are vast, it is the people’s decision that matters in every development site.

By merging the quality of our products with a stable relationship between us and the clients, we strongly believe that we will become one of the most preferred injected fittings provider for water and gas transportation and sewerage systems, across the globe.

Our aspirations

Ensure a top customer satisfaction for every piece of injected fitting manufactured.

The mark for the company’s success is represented by customer satisfaction. Thus, it is very important for us to provide our clients each time the satisfaction they desire.

We desire our employees to improve and discover their true potential while offering our customers high-quality fittings and the technical support they deserve.

For our company, the human resource represents a core factor in providing the strong technical support and high-quality injected fittings for our customers, thus we want to employ the best people that are inclined towards constant improvement and possess the ability to form a family within the company.

To have our products, services and people in a continuous improvement, we constantly invest in research and development which is sustained by our great performance.

Our strong performance within the manufacturing and distribution field makes us capable to invest in future research and development which helps us ensure a constant improvement of our products, services and people.